Volunteering and Parental Involvement

It is particularly important that parents (or guardians) be involved in their Scout's activities within the Pack.


Cub Scouting is built as a family-involved activity. This means that parents should, whenever possible, not simply drop off their kids at events, but should remain to observe and help. (Tiger parents are specifically required to stay at the events with their kids). Siblings are welcome to attend den and pack meetings, but should remain in the background whenever possible. They're welcome to attend and participate in other activities, especially sports night, campouts, and hikes!


The adventures required to earn ranks are quite varied in nature and intensity. Den Leaders will very likely ask parents for support from time to time, especially when coordinating outside guests or visits. Parents with  skills or interests which may pertain directly to adventures should feel free to volunteer that expertise, to make the adventure even more exciting and enriching for everyone.


Whether helping with individual den activities, volunteering to lead or support larger Pack activities, or taking on a formal leadership role in the pack, we expect every parent or guardian to support the den or pack in some capacity during the year.

Leadership Opportunities

If you have particular skills or interest, please consider joining the Leadership committee in either a long-term role, or as a coordinator for any of our several special events.


An equally important leadership opportunity within the Pack is that of Den Leader or Cubmaster. These leaders are responsible for helping the scouts steer a course throughout their career as Cub Scouts. They plan meetings, organize the year-long schedule, and help the scouts learn and do everything they need to earn their Ranks and Awards. 


Do not think that by signing up for any of these positions, that you are committed to them for the entire time you have a scout in the pack! Though some volunteers have retained the same role for years, many will move on after only a few years. In fact, we prefer that the key leadership positions (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and even Den Leaders) change every few years, to encourage variety and help prevent volunteer burnout.


If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the Committee Chair. If the position you're interested in is already filled, ask anyway -- it could be that the current volunteer is ready for a new challenge!

Current Leadership

Cubmaster and Den Leaders

  • Cubmaster: Phil Storch (Fall 2017)
  • Assistant Cubmaster: Stacey McMahon (Fall 2015)
  • Lion Den 1 Leader: Michael Santoro (Fall 2019)
  • Tiger Den 9 Leader: Vacant
  • Wolf Den 8 Leader: Sean Neihoff (Fall 2018)
  • Bear Den 7 Leader: Phil Chung (Fall 2019)
  • Webelos Den 5 Leader: Bill Brooks (Spring 2019)
  • Webelose Arrow of Light Den Leader: Alejandro Freite (Fall 2018)
    • Webelos Assistant Den Leader: Kueng Lao (Fall 2018)

Leadership Committee

  • Committee Chair: Sarah Storch (Spring 2018)
  • Chartered Organization Representative: Brad Son (Fall 2020)
  • Treasurer: Brian Stoffer (Fall 2019)
  • Advancement and Awards Coordinator: Michael Raucheisen (Fall 2018)
  • New Member Coordinator: Alyssa Stoffer (Spring 2018) 
  • Training Coordinator: Vacant
  • Website and Scoutbook Admin: Vacant

Special Events Coordinators

  • Scouting for Food: Pam & Mike Gercken (since...forever?)
  • Popcorn Sales and Fundraising: Valerie Freite (Fall 2018)
  • Pinewood Derby: Brian Stoffer & William Delaney (Fall 2019)
  • Blue and Gold: (vacant)
  • Campout Coordinator: Kueng Lao (Spring 2017) & Gus Rodrigues (Fall 2020)