The Cub Scout Uniform

Cub Scouting has always included a distinctive uniform. Wearing the uniform properly helps in quick identification of the group, fosters a sense of pride and brotherhood, and allows a place to recognize the scout's achievements.


The official "Class A" uniform includes the shirt, hat, neckerchief and slide, as well as belt and pants. The hat, neckerchief, and slide change with each rank, while the blue shirt may be worn throughout a scout's time in Cub Scouts. Webelos scouts also have the option to wear the tan shirt used as the Boy Scout uniform.


In this pack, we have been generally less strict on the pants requirements, but request that scouts in Class A uniform do not wear torn or otherwise beat-up pants, athletic shorts, sweatpants, or anything else that would detract from the image and dignity of the uniform.


The Pack also provides a single "Class B" t-shirt to all new scouts, and can provide additional shirts at a nominal cost. These shirts are appropriate for events where the scout may get dirty or sweaty -- such as at a campout, trash cleanup, or sports night event. In most cases, however, the scout should wear their Class A uniform, especially to Pack and Den Meetings and most outside field trips.


The uniform may be purchased online, or at two local scout stores: 

All uniforms need to include the following patches and insignia:

  • National Capital Area Council shoulder patch
  • Pack 1459 numerals (a single Pack 1459 patch with the 25 year tag may also be available; ask the Committee Chair or Cubmaster for information)
  • United States Flag (usually pre-applied on shirt)
  • Den number
  • World Crest (and optional ring)

The Uniform Inspection Sheets can help ensure proper placement of these, and other, patches and pins.

Cub Scout Handbook

The Cub Scout Handbook is an essential companion to your scout's journey. Each rank has its own book, with detailed descriptions for all the rank adventures and electives. Many adventures include a requirement for the scout to "read about" one subject or another, and the handbook frequently provides exactly the information necessary. Finally, the handbooks provide useful references to Scouting, including Scout Oath and Law, Outdoor Code, and all the basics and background information to Scouting that make up the Bobcat badge. 


The Handbook is available at local scout stores as well as online. An electronic version of the handbook is available for Kindle readers, which may be a good choice to allow parents an easy reference to the program (but it is recommended that the scouts have their own paper copy).


Many scouts prefer the spiral-bound version of the handbook, for a few dollars more, because it allows the book to be laid flat while reading or referencing the handbook.