How to Join the Pack - look soon for the online option!

Joining the pack is easy! It's simply a matter of filling out a few forms, paying dues, and getting a uniform and handbook.


Two "Official" forms, and two "Pack Forms" need to be completed:

  • Boy Scouts of America Application Form - This is a hand-filled form with multiple carbon copies, and is available by asking the Membership Coordinator (or Committee Chair). If your scout is already a cub scout, and is simply transferring to the pack, be sure to write their BSA ID somewhere obvious on the form (or give it to us and we'll add it).
  • Boy Scouts of America Medical Forms (Parts A & B) - These are required for any scout to attend overnight, and some other outdoor, programs (the more extensive Part C, which also requires a physical, is only required for overnight resident camps, such as Goshen summer camp). These are kept by the Committee Chair and not released to anyone else, except in the event of a medical emergency during a Pack event, in which case they can be provided to first responders on the scene.
  • Pack 1459 Registration Form - This helps ensure that the Pack has all the additional information it needs, as well as providing a way to track that all the other forms have been processed, and dues paid.
  • Family Talent Survey - Be sure to fill this out as well, so that we can know what skills and interests our scouts' adult leaders have. The pack is entirely run by the parents and guardians of the scouts, so we're counting on your support and help!

For your convenience, a single file containing the Pack 1459 Registration Form, Family Talent Survey, and BSA Medical Forms can be downloaded from this site.


Dues - to be updated for 2022-23

Pack dues are currently $120, with a $10 discount for siblings (so memberships for the 2nd and subsequent scouts from the same family are only $110 each).


Dues currently include:

  • Full membership in the Pack for the current School Year and next summer (though our Pack year ends in June, we won't collect new dues until the following September).
  • One pack T-Shirt ("Class B" uniform) for scouts who are new to the pack
  • One-year subscription to Boys' Life magazine

Dues help to cover costs for many pack events, including:

  • Scouts BSA registration
  • Advancement Materials, Awards, and Rank Insignia for all scouts
  • Pinewood Derby (facility rental, and one car kit per scout)
  • Space Derby
  • Rain Gutter Regatta
  • Administrative supplies and fees
  • Leader Training

Because the budget cannot completely pay for all events, the dues also help to subsidize:

  • Fall and Spring Family Camp Outs
  • Blue & Gold Celebration
  • Other pack activities, as budget allows

In some cases, an additional minimal payment will be requested, usually per-person attending, to cover some or all of the cost for certain pack events.


Even with dues and per-event payments, the pack does not have enough income to offer all of the above. Additional fundraising is accomplished each year with BSA Popcorn Sales. More information on this can be found on the Fundraising page.


Pack 1459 Registration Packet-2021.pdf
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