Dues and per-event costs alone aren't enough to cover all the costs incurred by a robust scouting program. Therefore, we need to turn to outside sources for some funding, which means, fundraising.


The BSA has very particular rules on how packs may raise money. The most widely accepted, and strongly supported, fundraising event is the annual fall popcorn sale. This sale allows the community multiple ways to contribute to the pack, and gives scouts an opportunity to work on sales and fundraising skills. 

Scouts may sell popcorn door-to-door to their neighbors, online and through social media to friends and family, and parents may bring forms in to work and sell to their co-workers. Additionally, we are allowed to take direct donations in lieu of selling popcorn, or to have the popcorn be donated to military troops, families, or veterans' organizations. Due to health concerns, our pack will not conduct "Popcorn Booth" sales this year.


The Pack receives 35% commission on face-to-face sales.


The goal for 2021 is $400 sales (gross sales, not net commission) per scout. 


The BSA provides special prizes for scouts, at different levels depending on how much popcorn they sell. Additionally, the Pack will cover certain Scouting items for spring bridging (likely to be the next rank's handbook, hat, neckerchief, and slide), for scouts who meet or exceed their $400 goal.


Finally, we may have some fun activities to further encourage participation. In past years, for example, pack leaders received cream pies in the face, "thrown" by top sellers in the pack!