Pack 1459 is based at Poplar Tree Elementary School in Chantilly, Virginia. Most of our scouts attend Poplar Tree, but that is not a requirement -- we welcome anyone, especially from neighboring schools and communities.


Pack 1459's Cub Scout program is open to boys in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Scouts BSA has made the Lion program official for Kindergartners. 


The Pack meets once a month, on Monday nights in the Poplar Tree cafeteria. These Pack Meetings may include skits and songs, games, information about upcoming events, special guests or other special activities. In the past, we've launched water rockets, played crab soccer, and played host to falcons, owls, and hawks.


All Cub Scouts are members of an age-based Den. These Dens typically meet 1-2 times a month, frequently at the school (again, we try to reserve Monday nights for meetings), and sometimes at members' homes or special other locations (for trips and outings). Dens are typically about 5-10 kids, sometimes more, sometimes less. The total number of scouts in the Pack is between 45 and 55 scouts on a given year.


Several other pages in this section explain how to join the pack, what's expected regarding dues and uniforms, and especially how parents can help within their scout's den and within the pack at large. Please feel free to contact us you have any questions about membership in the pack.