On September 12, 2022 starting at 6:30 PM outside Poplar Tree ES Pack 1459 will hold a water rocket launch during its first meeting of the 2022 - 2023 scouting year. Below is a brief outline of how you can build your own water rocket before the event. The pack will have supplies on hand for your child to build their own rocket at the event that we are sure will work with our launchers.

Water Rocket Construction


1.       Plastic bottles for the water rockets should be 1 or 2 liter in size.  12-ounce bottles will not be as successful as other bottle sizes.  Smart Water bottles have been found to be a great size and strength for this project.


2.       The kids should cut out fins and a nose cone for aerodynamics.  The bottom of the rocket will be the mouth of the bottle, which will be placed over the launcher.  There should be at least three fins attached to the bottom of the rocket with either duct tape or hot glue.  The top of the bottle can have a cone added to it, half of a tennis ball or any other decorative items the kids find that they can learn more about aerodynamics with.


a.       Remind the kids that the thicker the fins or heavier the items they put on the rocket the more drag may be created or the more weight the rocket will have to lift off.


b.       To help your kids secure the fins to the rocket at the same height, you can screw the cap down to a piece of wood then attach the bottle to the cap to hold it still and straight up.


3.       Last, the kids should decorate their rocket and make it unique to their preferences.  The cub scout motto is “Do Your Best” so they should have fund and make their rocket fun!