Pinewood Derby

Every year (usually in Ferbruary), the Pack holds the Pinewood Derby. In the weeks leading up to Pinewood, Scouts design race cards, and build them using kits provided by the Pack. They can be simple blocks, sleek wedges, or something totally crazy looking. We've had race cars, space ships, airplanes, legions of Batmobiles, and even a hot-dog race down the track.


The pack tries to hold multiple workshops in to help kids design, cut, and sand their car, as well as to offer tips to improve speed or help with painting. Then on race day, everyone gets to run their cars down the track.


We hold races for each rank (Lion through Webelos), then the top winners from each rank all compete for a Pack-wide championship.  The Pack also pays entry fees for the top two finishers in each rank to go to the District Pinewood Derby, usually a month or so after the Pack race.